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Paige Engineering Limited (PEL) is a mechanical / industrial engineering company specializing in the commercial explosives industry, based out of North Bay, Ontario. PEL provides solutions for both explosives manufacturing companies as well as mines around the world.


PEL designs, manufactures and commissions bulk explosives delivery vehicles, underground development and production explosive loaders, explosives manufacturing facilities, cloud integrated control systems and other products related to the manufacture or delivery of explosive products. PEL also rebuilds any make of bulk explosive delivery vehicle, bringing technological advancements to old, worn vehicles.


PEL's BlastMetrics is a complete control system solution for both on surface and underground bulk delivery vehicles and manufacturing facilities. BlastMetrics is cloud integrated, stores analytical data logged during operation that can then be viewed remotely to ensure quality control of the product being produced or pumped, quality assurance of the round being loaded, the efficiency of the team, and determine when maintenance is required on the equipment. Also available with BlastMetrics is the ability to remotely access the system to troubleshoot or make updates from anywhere in the world!


Please visit www.BlastMetrics.ca for more information!


PEL also provides Professional Engineering Services for the Public and Mining Sector with specialization in the Commercial Explosives Industry.  PEL is federally incorporated in Canada and operates with a Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).