Paige Engineering Limited (PEL) designs, builds and commissions specialized equipment primarily for the manufacture, transportation, delivery and application of commercial explosive material used in mining, construction, tunnelling and quarrying applications.  PEL has designed bulk explosive delivery trucks, underground explosive loading equipment, explosive manufacturing equipment and complete emulsion explosives facilities for explosive manufacturing and blasting companies as well as for international mines.  All of these designs and equipment are custom built to meet specific customer requirements.


PEL also provides Professional Engineering Services for the Public and Mining Sector with specialization in the Commercial Explosives Industry.  PEL is federally incorporated in Canada and operates with a Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). 


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Head Office

Paige Engineering Limited

John Paige, P.Eng.

North Bay (Corbeil)

Ontario, Canada


T: 705-752-0479

M:  705-845-6256

Custom Control Panels
Thermolief, Thermal Relief Safety Device, PC Pump Safety Device
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Nozzle Mixers


  • Bulk Pump Trucks

  • Gassing Systems

  • PLC Controls

  • Surface and Underground

Explosive Delivery Mobile Equipment
  • Process Hazard Reviews

  • Conceptual Design to Post Operation

Hazard Analysis
  • Emulsion Explosive Manufacturing Facility Design and Installation

  • Custom Modifications

  • Equipment Upgrades

Explosive Manufacturing Facilities
  • Programmable Logic Controllers: PLC's

  • Remote Controls

  • Hydraulic Controls

  • Electronic Controls

  • Process Controls

  • Process Transmitters

  • Data Transmission

  • Remote Monitoring & Control

  • Mixers & Blenders

  • Explosive Pumping and Shearing

  • Explosive Processing

  • Ingredient Preparation

Custom Equipment

Explosives Manufacturing & Delivery Equipment


Bulk Trucks
Underground Loaders
Hose Feeders
Hose-Reel Swivels
Static Mixers
Hose Feeders
Bulk Trucks
Static Mixers
Custom Control Panels

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