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Explosive Manufacturing Facilities
  • Emulsion Explosive Manufacturing Facility Design and Installation

  • Custom Modifications

  • Equipment Upgrades

Explosive Delivery Mobile Equipment Modifications
  • Updated Weight and Balance

  • Gassing Systems

  • Control System Upgrades (BlastMetrics)

  • Remote Control Addition

Engineering Services
  • Process Hazard Reviews

  • Conceptual Design to Post Operation

  • Custom 3D Design of Silos, Tanks, or any equipment required for manufacture or delivery of explosive products.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers: PLC's

  • Remote Controls

  • Hydraulic Controls

  • Electronic Controls

  • Process Controls

  • Process Transmitters

  • Data Transmission

  • Remote Monitoring & Control

Custom Equipment
  • Mixers & Blenders

  • Explosive Pumping and Shearing

  • Explosive Processing

  • Ingredient Preparation

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