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Thermolief Specifications:

  • Designed to Relieve Explosive Pump Outlet of Over-heated Explosive Material such as Potentially Found in a Dead-Headed Pump

  • Typically installed on the Outlet of a PC (Progressing Cavity) Pump for Explosive Pumping

  • "Fail-Safe" Safety Device

  • Can be added to Existing Pump Discharge Piping

  • Should Be Installed on Every PC and Rotary Lobe Pump Handling Explosive Material

  • Installed so Face of the Thermolief is Close to the Pump Outlet for Maximum Protection


Thermolief Assembly Kit:

  • Thermolief Thermal Fuse

  • Stainless Steel Swage Type Fitting with 1" BSP or NPT Threads

  • Stainless Steel Weld Coupling

  • Installation Instructions

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